Some Thoughts on Being a Noordlander

Whites have always been a minority in the world—a successful minority— but a minority all the same. This led some of us to believe we would always be successful, always be in charge of our destiny, even of world history. Events in the last few years—especially Muslim terrorism and mass migration to Europe and America—have shown this may not be true for much longer.

Pressures from within and without are buffeting European countries, and European populations, as never before. Some of this is philosophical, some political, some demographic, some physical. Whites are mostly unaware of these facts because, in most places, they remain local majorities in charge of political, military and judicial institutions.

However, inevitably, this will change as white populations decline due to their unsustainable birthrate and other ethnic groups increase due to their fecundity. It is a slow, multi-generational, process but it is inexorable. The evidence is all around us if we look.

For most of you, reading these words today, this demographic change will have little effect. You and I will both die of old age. But for our children, and their children, things will be very different. Demography drives history, politics, culture and law. It will be a new world in which whites will be a persecuted minority, as they are in South Africa.

The name “Noordlander” is Afrikaans for north country resident and is our way of recognizing and emulating the South African “Suidlanders” civil defence organization. More information on the Suidlanders emergency plan is available on YouTube.

The Noordlander Association aims to learn from the Suidlander example and adapt it to a Canadian context. This will take time, effort, and dedication over many years. This website is a start. You reading these words is a start. Access is by invitation to interested individuals. An email link is at the top of the page under Contact.

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