Is it Time to End Female Suffrage?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel May 20, 2017. / poisoning PHOTO / MICHELE TANTUSSI (Photo credit should read MICHELE TANTUSSI/poisoning/Getty Images)

Well, there she is, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the person who allowed more than a million economic migrants to enter Europe as  refugees. You would think the resulting troubles would have been enough to get her turfed from office in last year’s national elections. But no, while support for her Christian Democratic Union by men dropped from 39 to 30%, support from women only slipped from 44 to 37%.

And that’s the problem. Women traditionally have less in-group loyalty than men. They see little difference in helping native-born Germans and immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and Central Africa. This is true at the top, and, as we see in the election result, at the bottom. Most German women approve of mass African immigration, despite rising rape and assault rates across the country.

Germany is just the worst example, there are others: France, Holland, Sweden and Norway among them. Canada’s Justin Trudeau, who claims to be a male feminist, also welcomed the world’s refugees last year and Canada found itself facing thousands of migrants from Central America. And as in Germany, most Canadian women approve of this policy.

The point I’m making is not that women approve of specific issues relating to immigration; it’s that they approve of all issue relating to helping the world’s poor. It doesn’t matter if its babies in Africa, children in Syria, immigrants on boats, migrants at the Quebec border; they’re all the same to the average woman voter. Help them all.

All this is completely understandable. Women have a maternal instinct and for many, now on a career path treadmill, no way to express it. So they vote for parties who support the U.N., for foreign aid, for charities that help migrants, and for mass immigration to the West.

They are, like children in a candy shop, always ready to spend Mommy’s money.

Unfortunately, mass immigration is not just expensive, it’s suicidal. Once the genetic makeup of a country is changed, there’s no changing it back. Women don’t understand this because eugenics is no longer taught in our universities. As far as women are concerned, genetics stop as soon as the discussion involves humans. Cows? Trees? Plants? Sure. Human beings, no way.

Women are like children watching their house burn down and still expecting to have supper on the table. They just don’t get it.

And for that reason, the question is being raised in the Noordlander Association, and other alt-right organizations; is it time to end Female suffrage? If women can’t divine the difference between self-interest and global interest, maybe they shouldn’t be voting on important issues, or on any issues.

Even women on the Right understand this question. Others in their sex are poisoning the water. Since they can’t be stopped individually, they will have to be stopped en mass.

By ending their participation at the ballot box.



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